Itinerary – Monday November 10 – Montepulciano and Avignonesi — 5 Comments

  1. Kim,
    So glad you are doing well and happy that you are able to go on this trip!
    Both the towns you mention are lovely, but I did notice on our recent trip that many shops were closed on Monday morning and some even in the afternoon.
    Have an incredible trip and enjoy yourself.
    Granny chiaro

  2. All the choices sound fantastic. I haven’t visited any of those towns and each one sounds great.
    That said, I’ve really really wanted to see Pienza and I’m crazy about pecorino. So I think that would be my first choice.
    You’re going to have such a great trip!!!

  3. Tough choice!
    Pienza is a beautiful little town. I have only visited this town once (part of the time I was there everything was closed for the afternoon). I still enjoyed walking around taking photos while things were closed.
    Montepulciano is also an interesting place to explore. I stayed there for a couple of nights many years ago. There probably would be more shops open there since it is more touristy than Pienza (or at least was when I was there).
    Both are beautiful. Montalcino is my favorite of the three. There is a great little bakery that sells delicious mini cannoli in Montalcino. It is right in the center of town.

  4. Hi Kim
    I read your blog, First Wish you a speedy recovery.
    Just a note to say that i found your roissy bus info very useful posted in slow travel……
    thank you for the info. Hope to be in paris this december , a christmas treat for the kids.
    Any guesses about the weather ?

  5. You will love the Avignonesi wine tour Kim. The winery is in a beautiful setting and the wine is terrific.
    By the way I think you will be very happy with your the Cesari Hotel choice in Rome. I stayed there on my one night in Rome after Puglia on my way home. I haven’t reviwed it yet (I know my bad) but we found the rooms large, bathroom great, the staff very nice as well as helpful and the location cannot be beat!