August Heat — 8 Comments

  1. Sandra, I think it’s a good idea. Write me though after you read it; I’m interested in your thoughts.

  2. Kim, I just got this latest Montalbano mystery and I had been saving it for my trip…..but now I think I’ll wait — I don’t want to be terribly sad on the road.

  3. “About Face” is a really good one – I enjoyed it a lot. Maria I just started reading them about a month ago and she’s up to #7 now. I didn’t read them in order but wish I had.

  4. Annie, I do. I’ve read all the Leon books except the latest which is patiently waiting for me on my bookshelf.

  5. The Shape of Water is the only one of this series that I’ve read. I need to get some more of these.
    Do you read the Donna Leon series?